# Mesh Manager

How to set up and get started with Resight Mesh Manager

# About

The Mesh Manager component is responsible for enabling real-time scanning of physical spaces and interacting with large spaces by dynamically generating and updating meshes as needed.

# Getting Started

Follow the instructions to setup a clean project with Resight Engine

# Resight Engine Settings

  1. Make sure to create the AR components from the Getting Started section

    • Once done, your project hierarchy should look like the following:

  1. Create an empty 'Resight' game object and add the 'LibResight' script to it

    • Enter your developer key (provided by Resight) and a namespace
    • A namespace can be any string (without spaces), for example, Default / Production / Test-1
    • A namespace is a unique data store under your developer account
    • Mapping data and snapped objects are not shared between different namespaces


To obtain the development key, sign-up (opens new window) on our website. If you've registered and haven't received it yet, please contact us.

  1. Add the following scripts to the Resight object:

    • EntitiesManager (set the origin to the XR origin object)

    • MeshManager

    • AR Occlusion Manager

# Build & Run

From the 'Build Settings' build and run the app on your iOS device.
Move around with your app running and let Resight Engine create the 3D scan as you go.