# Overview

# 👾   What is Resight Engine?

Resight Engine is a tool for creators, enabling advanced AR experiences and the creation of multiplayer apps with persistent digital content, streamlining the focus on experience and art development.

# 👾   How does it work?

Resight Engine takes care of all technical details, enabling you to concentrate on creating the gameplay, content, and overall experience through simple drag-and-drop component integration.

# 👾   What are the advantages of working with Resight Engine?

Resight Engine utilizes decentralized P2P communication to achieve complete synchronization among multiple users. It allows for the creation of complex AR experiences through its drag-and-drop component system, streamlining the experience development process.

# 👾   What can you get out of it?

Resight Engine enables the creation of innovative AR experiences seamlessly integrated into the physical world. Create engaging and interactive narratives in any location, indoors and outdoors, with the ability to leave a lasting impact through unique and exciting digital content.

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